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Water Saving

Saving water in the house can range from easy steps such as turning off the taps whilst brushing your teeth to more complex solutions such as replacing toilets with more efficient water usage systems.

However, there are simple gadgets on the market which can help you save water at a minimal cost.  The gadgets highlighted in the stores below fall into 3 main categories:

1.  Toilet water saving devices.  These can either be simple water displacement devices or more complex gadgets that effect the flushing system.  

Displacement devices simply take up space in the cistern so less water is used on each flush.  Also shown below are devices which reduce the amount of water used on each flush by cutting off the water when the bowl is cleared.

2.  Tap Aerators / Water Reduction Cartridges.  By mixing air with water reduces the flow per second but you will still get your hands clean.  These are easy to install, work for both hot and cold taps and can reduce your water flow by up to 70%. They come in a variety of different flow rates.    (You will need to check that they do fit your size taps)

3.  Shower efficient heads. These products are based on the same principals as the tap aerators

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