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Girl with Shopping Bags

Reusable Shopping Bags

Did you know that the worlds annual consumption of plastic shopping bags has reached in excess of 500 billion? Most of the bags are thrown away after just one use and end up in landfill sites, or even worse in rivers, oceans or the surrounding countryside causing harm to landscape and wildlife. As plastic decomposition takes up to few hundred years plastic waste is sure to have a long term effect on our environment.

However, if you care about the environment and want the things change, we have a simple solution. Just simply say "NO" to plastic bags and equip yourself with an attractive and reusable shopping bag. 

Using eco friendly reusable shopping bags not only helps cutting down on plastic waste but also makes a great accessory to any outfit. Availability in a wide range of different styles and colours will make sure  everyone will be able to find one to suit them best.

Unlike plastic or paper bags these reusable carriers can hold up to 40 Ibs in weight and can be machine washed making them extremely practical.

So grab one today and become more Eco Friendly straight away.

Fit for purpose


Environmentally friendly


Value for money


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