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Water Bucket

Water Barrels, Water Bucket, Water-Butts all amount to the same idea. Save some of that rain water for another use such as watering the garden, washing the car or flushing your toilet.  The principal cannot be easier, feed the bucket from the gutter or a special capturing route and use the water for activities where purity is not a necessity.

Some of the multitude of features you could look out for are as follows:

-  Durability
-  Level gauge
-  Maintainability
-  Connection for a hose pipe
-  Hose pipes included or not
-  Made from recyclable materials
-  Sealed system to prevent odours 
-  Bath and shower diverter/ recycler
-  Overflow to fit to additional rain catchers
-  Leaf and detritus filter [removable for cleaning]
-  Various downpipe fitting mechanisms (round and square fittings)
-  Connection to a pump for watering the garden

Possible pump considerations:

-  Is it solar powered, and size of power output?
-  Does it include a timing device?
-  Does it have a control mechanism to stop it running dry?

Good products in this range will typically have a 3-5 year warranty and they can be picked up easily with many councils encouraging idea of water collection. 

For more useful tips on how to recycle, visit Recycle Now.

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