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Radiator Temperature Wheel

Radiator Booster, Heat Reflector and Automatic Bleed Valves

A great idea to take advantage of the heat lost at the back of the radiator into the wall.

Booster - by using a fan, this device draws the air up from behind the radiator to push it out into the room.  Thus, it saves energy which would be lost and helps to heat up the room more quickly.

For running costs of around 13p for 500 hours, the saving can be as much as £70-140 a year for an average household.  Of course, you would need to alter the time your radiators are on or you would just be spending the same! 

Other ideas to make your radiators more efficient include using foil at the back of the radiator to reflect the heat, automatic bleeding systems which can significantly increase the radiators efficiency and panels to optimise the flow pattern.

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