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Lawn Mower Setup

Some of these old gas guzzling mowers can be worse for the environment than an old banger, not to mention just as bad for your pocket.  Hence, not just the electric mowers, but also the push mowers are coming back into mode.

Not only do gas mowers cost you more money but also can cause respiratory problems with the fumes and small particles they throw up.

The first possible step is to move towards the electric mowers.  These will save you money, reduce respiratory problems and generate less noise.

Moving on another step would be the push mower, all the advantages of above and it can give you a good workout.  An important point where it becomes more and more difficult to find the time to exercise.

However, is there an ultimate solution?  It should be noted that the electric mower will still harm the environment through the production of the electricity it needs to work.  The push mower can also sap your energy when you need a good break.  So how about a solar powered electric mower!

Even better? Yes, a solar powered electric robot mower!  The ultimate energy saving gadget from both your perspective and an environmental one.  The ratings differences across relate to the difference between the electric and solar powered robot mower.

Fit for purpose


Environmentally friendly


Value for money


Overall rating


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