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Microfibre towel

On this site I think its plain to see we are a fan of microfibre products and it would be a shame not to have some microfibre towels.

The secret of the microfibre material comes down to extremely fine fibres which have a thickness approximately 50 times smaller that of a human hair and can absorb up to 7 times more water then normal cotton towels.

These would make great presents for yourself or your friends and family.

These towels will dry you (or your pets!) more quickly and efficiently then your normal towels leaving you more time to get on with other activities. Especially convenient on a beach when reducing time spend in the cold with wet hair is essential.  As they are lighter, it will also make them comfortable to wear and take the weight off your shoulders!

Also included below is a towel for a dog, equipped with pockets for the hands to make the experience entirely more pleasant and quicker

Fit for purpose


Environmentally friendly


Value for money


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