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Microfibre general cloths

Have you ever wondered how to make your cleaning "greener"? Microfibre cloths will help you achieve  environmentally friendly cleaning quickly and efficiently, as they use nothing but water, so no chemicals are involved. These cloths not only save you money on cleaning detergents but also help the environment and perform really well. 

As ordinary cotton cloths only move dust and dirt from one place to another,  microfibre cloths attract and trap the dirt particles inside the fibre. The secret of the microfibre material comes down to extremely fine fibres which have a thickness approximately 50 times smaller that a human hair. This allows it to penetrate the surface more effectively and remove more gems and bacteria than a standard bleach can kill. 

Bacteria and gems are removed from the cloth by washing it in soapy hot water. 

The microfibre cloths can be used either dry or damp. After moistened with water, the cloths can be used to polish steel and tiles by absorbing dirt and grease through capillary action. These clothes never scratch surfaces and because they can absorb water up to 7 times their weight will not leave streaks or smudges.

As these cloths are reusable and do not need detergents, they provide immediate value to any household wanting to go green and save money.

Good products in this range will typically have a 5 year warranty.

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