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Glass nail file

The Glass Nail File is the most recent innovation in the nail industry. Made of hardened/tempered glass with permanently etched filling surfaces, glass nail files are designed to stand the test of time. Thus, their textured surfaces will never wear down. 

Unlike the emery or metal nail files, their glass counterparts will not crack or chip your nails.

As their abrasive surface is gentle to your nails, a regular use will prevent your nails from splitting and peeling by giving them the smoothest edges possible. It also has a pointed tip to push back cuticles and clean under the nail. 

Glass nail files are very hygienic tools and can be washed and sterilized after each use. When cleaned they retain their filing qualities and original appearance. 

As these nail files are made of glass they are 100% recyclable, and make a perfect gift.

Fit for purpose


Environmentally friendly


Value for money


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