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Cleaning Products

The consumer market if full of harsh household cleaning products which are not only harmful to our environment but also to our health. For chemically sensitive people, contact with chemical cleaners may trigger allergic reactions or cause skin, eye or lung irritation. 

However, thanks to "green cleaners " there is no need to compromise on your wellbeing.

As most of the chemical free cleaning products are very effective, you can maintain your clean house and be more environmentally friendly at the same time. 

The best example of chemical free cleaning products are microbial cleaners. 

Once micro-organisms used in cleaning products are exposed to organic material they produce the enzymes which act as  catalysts and break down the dirt. The breaking down process requires some time to work, therefore don't scrub the cleaning area immediately. Just apply the enzyme cleaner and leave to work for few minutes and then wipe it away. 

Microbial cleaners are more effective than other cleaners as the microbes and their enzymes will continue to work as long as organic material is present. If you clean the surface with a standard cleaner it will wipe the dirt but leave the bacteria behind, while Microbial cleaners will literally digest any organic material giving you 100% clean surface. 

The Microbial cleaners perform well on floors, bathroom fixtures as well as soft surfaces such as carpets or various fabrics.

The Microbial cleaners are also ideal for pet owners as they not only remove stains and dirt but eliminate the real source of odour by killing bacteria present in cats and dogs urine. Thus, the stains and odours are removed permanently.

These chemical free microbial cleaners do produce specific enzymes but it should be noted that they are differ from enzymes added to cleaners as a specific ingredient.

These cleaners are difficult to find in the UK but there are many other environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market.

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