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Electrostatic rubber brush

No more to conventional brooms that leave the dirt behind and cause dust to fly. Electrostatic rubber brushes will make your sweeping more effective and effortless. As these rubber brushes are made of unique rubber, the bristles create an electrostatic action that will collect dust and fluff more easily, even small particles such as sugar or salt. They also make an ideal cleaning device for households with pets.

The electromagnetic brush is the most versatile brush currently available on the market. They can be used on rugs, wooden and vinyl floors, tiles, windows as well as on tough surfaces such as paving stones for sweeping up dirt, sand and leaves.

These brushes perform equally effective whether used wet or dry. For more stubborn marks and dirt they are best used wet as a scrubber. A well designed electrostatic brush will also have a squeegee attached to its head which can be used to manage spills or wash windows. 

These brushes come in many different sizes therefore everyone will find one to suits their needs.

Apart from being versatile, these brushes are the most hygenic brushes on the market. As electrostatic brushes are made of rubber they are easy to clean after each use, thus they will not harbour germs and bacteria like regular brooms. To clean them just simply tap the brush head against a hard surface to release particles and wash with soapy water.

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