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Electricity Monitoring

To be able to understand where to focus your efforts and to understand the results of your activities, a electricity meter is a great investment.

The latest models all work in the same basic way, via a wireless transmitter from the electricity meter box.

The ones on the market can differ though in appearance and their aesthetics through to the more important elements such as accuracy and the ability to download data to your PC.  By being able to track your usage on an hourly basis, simple conclusions can be made about general appliances.  Also any activities you undertake to reduce your energy consumption will be seen immediately and this will let you understand your return from investment.

It is estimated that the use of the meters can help you cut up to 20% from your bills.  Since these meters cost £40 upwards, your should have a return on this easily in the first year although you can now get them free from your energy co

Rating this product is quite difficult as these meters do their job well but their value for money really comes down to how you use the results to reduce your consumption.


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