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Welcome to EcoSaveOnline

Going green can mean many things.  This site is dedicated to how the Green movement can help you save the environment whilst being both practical and beneficial. 

Green Home
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Making Your Home Green

From examining many sites, there is a wealth of information but little to help you prioritise where to focus your efforts for a greener house.  By this we mean to choose green products which will not only reduce your carbon foot print or be more environmentally friendly but also provide value for money and succeed in the job at hand.

This section highlights great green products to be found in each of the areas of your home.  Just click on the relevant section to find out more.

Luxury Bathroom

The Bathroom offers some great areas to develop your green fingers.  Find out what are our current top ideas for developing a more environmentally friendly bathroom

Spacious Living Room
Living room

The living room offers a wide variety of possibilities for going green and below you may find some ideas and great products that you would like to try.


A difficult area to really go green and save money, but keeping warm would be a good start.  What else though could fit into this area?

Roofers at Work

The roof of your house is one of the more difficult and expensive areas to work on.  Having said this the medium to long term benefits are large with respect to reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money.

Modern Kitchen in Workspace

Picking the top ones here is very easy.  Here you will find a variety of products to maintain a green kitchen and maybe have some fun at the same time.

Outdoor Family Day

What could be easier then going green in the garden. The very fact that you are close to nature out there give you ample opportunities to harness nature.

How to..

With the increasing cost of energy, growing importance of water conservation and new regulations in place and on the horizon regarding recycling, the home (HIPS packs), practical guidance on where to focus your energy is debated in this section.

There are many ways to start down the path with respect to these activities from stopping dripping taps and turning off lights to organising the way you recycle.  Many of these activities can be started now.  

However, if you want to invest in these areas to make your home greener but understand the quantitative return on investment (i.e. Do you get your money back and how long it will take) then prioritisation of where to spend your money is paramount.

This section tackles these issues whilst also offering some practical advice e.g.  Where should you start?  Are there government loans?  etc...

Save Water

Where to start?  More of the items here are down to common sense but there are a few useful gadgets that can help to save water.  Also more information can be found on the waterwise website.

Save Energy

Where to start?  The items below in each section are listed in priority based on ease and cost of installation against return.  The information in this section is expanded upon further on the EnergySavingTrust website.


Recycling is easy but takes commitment to make it work.  Government regulations that have already come in, ones to come in the future, will force more households to consider recycling more efficiently.  

How to
Our Ratings System

We have developed a ratings system which (we hope) is easy to understand and helpful.  Our website tries not only to offer useful links but also recommendations on what is the most efficient and economical way to obtain a greener lifestyle.  In each case, the higher the score the better.

Fit for Purpose

Can the item do the job at hand?  Is it proficient?  This rating indicates the products suitability for the job at hand.

Environmentally Friendly

Does this item have a large carbon footprint?  Does it include many chemicals.  This rating indicates how green we believe the product to be.

Value for Money

One of the most important areas.  It is so easy to spend more money for green products which are simply not as good as your old product.  This rating examines the value of a product taking into account the price, life cycle costs, disposal costs and return on investment

Overall rating

Simply put, this takes into account the scores for the categories above and gives a overall score based on the above results.

Rating System
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